We Create Things!

We create accessible, easy to use, semantic web sites, web apps (and occasionaly printed material) that helps our clients exceed their goals.

I hate reading promotional copy, so I'll keep it short. We architect, design and program web sites. We are small but diverse and have 14 years of print design, 10 years web design and front end development and 4 years of server-side programming experience

What have we been working on lately?

For the past three years our primary focus has been creating sites to deliver acedemic support materials to teachers and school administrators. Over the last 2 years, we have completed more than 26 sites using tools such as oracle, java and svn all on top of a JSR 268 portlet-based enterprise framework (Liferay).  Some of those sites, we designed starting with wireframes through to HTML 5 and css3, jQuery and good ole' vanilla javascript. We assisted in defining the UX of the sites as well as the information architecture.

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Raising Respect

Kinsman Creative designed and developd the new Raising Respect web site for School Specialty.

InCommand/InCommand Pro

Kinsman Creative designed and developd the new InCommand/InCommand Pro web site for School Specialty.

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